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Old 97's is an American alternative country band from Dallas, Texas, United States. Formed in 1993,[2] they have since released eleven studio albums, two full extended plays, shared split duty on another, and have one live album. Their most recent release is Graveyard Whistling.

They are recognized as pioneers of the alt-country movement during the mid to late 1990s along with bands such as Uncle Tupelo, Drive-By Truckers, Whiskeytown, The Jayhawks, and The Bottle Rockets.

Lead vocalist and primary songwriter Rhett Miller has described the band's style as "loud folk.[3]



Graveyard Whistling
Graveyard Whistling is the eleventh studio album by American alt-country band Old 97's, released on February 24, 2017.
Too Far to Care
Too Far to Care is the third studio album by American country/rock band Old 97's, first released on June 17, 1997 (see 1997 in music).
Satellite Rides
Satellite Rides is the fifth studio album by American country/rock band Old 97's, first released in the second quarter of 2001 (see 2001 in music).
Fight Songs
Fight Songs is the fourth studio album by American alternative country band Old 97's, first released on April 27, 1999.

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