PVRIS (pronounced Paris)[1] is an American rock band from Lowell, Massachusetts formed by members Lynn Gunn, Alex Babinski, and Brian MacDonald. The band formed originally under the name Paris but later changed it to PVRIS in the summer of 2013 citing legal reasons. They have released a self-titled EP, an acoustic EP, before signing to Rise and Velocity Records and released their single "St. Patrick" on June 24, 2014 along with a music video (directed by Raul Gonzo). They released their debut album, White Noise, in November 2014, and the deluxe version of White Noise on April 22, 2016. On August 25, 2017, they released their second album All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell.



Same Soul
Same Soul is a song by musical group Pvris, released on December 15, 2017.
All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell
All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell is the second album by American rock band PVRIS. It was released August 25, 2017.
Anyone Else
Anyone Else is a song by musical group Pvris, released on August 22, 2017.
Winter is a song by musical group Pvris, released on August 3, 2017.

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PVRIS Live at The Roxy Theatre, West Hollywood
  –  April 17, 2018
they also covered MGMT’s “Electric Feel,” both a testament to the electropop kings and a smart tactic to draw the crowd in. slenderbodies closed their set with a new song: “Not even on the internet!” Not much later, PVRIS entered the stage to a ...
Watch: PVRIS Live At Coachella Weekend One
  –  April 16, 2018
We had a chat to Lynn Gunn ahead of PVRIS heading back to the UK for Slam Dunk, where she talked about new music, a new headspace and a new era for PVRIS. You can read it here.
PVRIS’ Lynn Gunn On Writing New Music: “The First Two Records Reflect A Lot Of Anxieties…”
  –  April 13, 2018
Ahead of PVRIS' appearance at Slam Dunk next month, we had a chat to Lynn Gunn about new music, a new headspace, and a new era for PVRIS. Where are you at right now, in terms of writing sessions? It’s a busy time, but also a fun one. In between when we ...
Lynn Gunn brings PVRIS' richly introspective music to House of Blues
  –  February 19, 2018
CLEVELAND, Ohio - Lynn Gunn is more than a teensy bit of a paradox. The lead singer and principal songwriter for PVRIS, which is at the House of Blues on Friday, Feb. 23, pens some of the most poetic lyrics in music today. And yet . . . And yet, she's not ...
PVRIS’ Lynn Gunn learning to cope with success
  –  March 7, 2018
The frontwoman for synth-rock band PVRIS (pronounced “Paris”) had a hit debut disc ... What went wrong? I think a lot of musicians and people in the entertainment industry can agree that it’s a very isolating and weird life to navigate.

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