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Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III (born June 5, 1979)[7] is an American musician. He is best known for being the bassist, lyricist, and backing vocalist for the American rock band Fall Out Boy. Before Fall Out Boy's inception in 2001, Wentz was a fixture of the Chicago hardcore scene and was notably the lead vocalist and lyricist for Arma Angelus.[8] During Fall Out Boy's hiatus in 2009–12, Wentz formed the experimental, electropop and dubstep group Black Cards. He owns a record label, DCD2 Records, which has signed bands including Panic! at the Disco and Gym Class Heroes. Fall Out Boy returned in February 2013.

Wentz has also ventured into other non-musical projects, including writing, acting, and fashion; in 2005 he founded a clothing company called Clandestine Industries. He also hosts the TV show Best Ink and runs a film production company called Bartskull Films, as well as a bar called Angels & Kings. His philanthropic activities include collaborations with Invisible Children, Inc. and UNICEF's Tap Project, a fundraising project that helps bring clean drinking water to people worldwide,[9] People magazine states that "no bassist has upstaged a frontman as well as Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy."[10] he is also a minority owner of the Phoenix Rising FC, a United Soccer League team.



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Jennifer's Body is a 2009 supernatural horror black comedy film written by Diablo Cody and directed by Karyn Kusama.
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Pete Wentz and Jaden Smith Talk VR, Misconceptions, and Favorite Movies
  –  January 27, 2018
In particular, Smith hit it off with FOB bassist Pete Wentz, and the two recently had a hilarious and ... I don’t want you to think about design, or clothes, or music. I want you to think about a person that’s just trying to help people.
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Pete Wentz and Smith both share a fascination with technology ... I don’t want you to think about design, or clothes, or music. I want you to think about a person that’s just trying to help people. This Christmas I [gave] away 100 pounds of clothes.
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Pete Wentz: “Rock Music Might Not Come The Way People Expect It, But It Feels Very Much Alive”
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Pete Wentz says Wrigley concert will be Fall Out Boy's biggest show yet
  –  January 24, 2018
Pete Wentz can recall pretending to be Cubs greats Ryne Sandberg ... West and Kardashian — who made a guest appearance in a 2007 Fall Out Boy music video — last week welcomed their daughter Chicago West. While “Chicago-based names are definitely ...
Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz did a live fan Q&A from his bubble bath
  –  January 23, 2018
Pete Wentz broadcast a live fan Q&A from his bubble bath yesterday ... He asssured viewers that it was in fact the first time he’s ever taken a bath with his own music in the background. At one point, he described it as “intimate, perhaps too intimate ...
Pete Wentz: Hated music gets talked about
  –  January 22, 2018
Pete Wentz thinks it's sometimes better to release songs people "hate" to get noticed. The Fall Out Boy bassist was discussing the emo pop band delaying their latest record 'M A N I A' by four months because they felt they'd "rushed it", but said that it ...
An Actual First Date with Actual Pete Wentz
  –  January 20, 2018
Pete Wentz: I like the accents. I like the weather as a break from ... If I was with someone and they were into films and music but they were a dick about it, that would be a deal-breaker. I did this Interview Magazine piece with Jaden Smith and we ...
Pete Wentz Reminisces on Kim Kardashian's Fall Out Boy Music Video Cameo (They Keep in Touch!)
  –  January 18, 2018
Before she broke the internet, Kim Kardashian West was a Fall Out Boy video girl. Yes, back in 2009, the first lady of reality TV starred in the emo act’s music video for “Thnks Fr Th Mmrs,” in which she got hot-and-heavy with bassist Pete Wentz.
'Living with purpose': Pete Wentz reveals his family has helped him manage his bipolar disorder
  –  January 17, 2018
Pete Wentz has evealed how his family and music has helped him manage his ongoing battle with bipolar disorder. The musician - who is known for being the bassist and back-up vocalist in the rock band Fall Out Boy - credits the time spent with his son ...


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