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Rival Schools are a post-hardcore band from New York City signed to Photo Finish Records, featuring Walter Schreifels on vocals and guitar; Ian Love on guitar; Cache Tolman on bass guitar; and Sam Siegler on drums.

Formed by Schreifels, frontman of the influential group Quicksand, Rival Schools were a hardcore 'supergroup' - its members being alumni of such '80s and '90s hardcore bands as Gorilla Biscuits (Schreifels), CIV (Siegler), Youth of Today (Schreifels and Siegler) and Iceburn (Tolman).

The band's name (and that of their first LP) comes from the Capcom fighting game, Rival Schools: United By Fate.[1] In their short history, the band toured both the United Kingdom,[2] (in support of A) and the United States.

In 2008, the band reformed to play some live shows, including Soundwave in Australia, Rock Am Ring in Germany, Hove Festival in Norway, a headline tour and Download Festival in the United Kingdom.

On November 16, 2010 the band released the deluxe single for "Shot After Shot" on iTunes from the forthcoming record Pedals, which was released March 8, 2011.[3] Rival Schools released their third album Found on April 9, 2013.[4]



United by Fate
United by Fate is the debut album from by post-hardcore band Rival Schools.
Pedals is the second studio album from post-hardcore band Rival Schools, released 10 years after their debut record United by Fate was first released.
Rival Schools United by Onelinedrawing
Rival Schools United By Onelinedrawing is a split EP from Rival Schools and onelinedrawing.
Used for Glue
"Used for Glue" is a song by American post-hardcore band Rival Schools.

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