SR-71 is an American rock band that was formed in Baltimore, Maryland. They are best known for their 2000 single "Right Now", their 2002 single "Tomorrow", and as the co-authors of Bowling for Soup's 2004 hit "1985" (which was released first on their album Here We Go Again). The name of the band came from SR-71 Blackbird, a supersonic surveillance aircraft of the United States Air Force. The band was originally known as Honor Among Thieves, and as would be the case with SR-71, singer/songwriter/guitarist Mitch Allan was the only constant member.



"1985" is a 2004 song by SR-71.
Tomorrow is the second album by rock band SR-71 featuring the Top 30 hit "Tomorrow".
Right Now
"Right Now" is the first single by pop punk group SR-71 from their debut studio album, Now You See Inside.
Now You See Inside
Now You See Inside is the first album by rock band SR-71, with "Right Now" being its lone radio hit single.

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