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Small Black is an American indie band from Brooklyn, New York. They are currently signed to the Jagjaguwar record label. The band consists of Josh Kolenik (lead vocals/guitar), Ryan Heyner (guitar/keyboards), Juan Pieczanski (bass/guitar), and Jeff Curtin (drums).

After releasing the critically acclaimed Small Black EP, the band signed to Jagjaguwar to release their debut full length, New Chain (2010).

Their second full length, Limits of Desire was released in May 2013, with the single "No Stranger" a mainstay on satellite radio.

The band has toured consistently since 2010, participating in numerous festivals such as Primavera Sound Festival, Fun Fun Fun Fest, Capitol Hill Block Party, and the SXSW Music Festival.[2]



Best Blues Remix EP
Best Blues Remix EP is an album by musical group Small Black, released on November 4, 2016.
Photojournalist b/w Sun Was High
Photojournalist b/w Sun Was High is an album by musical group Small Black, released on December 7, 2010.
No One Wants It to Happen to You
No One Wants It to Happen to You is a song by musical group Small Black, released on August 26, 2015.
Back at Belle's
Back at Belle's is a song by musical group Small Black, released on September 10, 2015.

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When the officer attempted to initiate a traffic stop, the small black car, refused to stop and began to flee. The chase apparently circled several blocks in the vicinity of Broadway and North Street. Rodriquez said that since the vehicle stayed in the ...
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The woman then reached into her purse and pulled out a small black revolver and engaged the officer in a running gun battle. Vidal fired 18 rounds at the woman from between 21 feet and 130 feet away, the Police Department said. The woman fired a total of ...
Casper ‘Stabbing’ Call Leads to Arrests for Marijuana, Meth Possession, Child Endangerment
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Hodges then allegedly reached for and picked up a small black marijuana dispensary container, labeled "Bubble Hash." Officers saw a baby crib about three feet to the right of Hodges' bed where the meth pipe was found. Hodges reportedly said Perea and an ...
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““(The father) stated he saw (the suspect) holding a small black handgun that had a chrome ejection port,” the police report says. “(The father) watched the (suspect) shoot the firearm four times while standing in the street at Gohl, striking him ...
Mysteries of the Ecuadorian Amazon Revealed on Tofino Expeditions' Kayaking Adventure
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Later, a paddle down a small black-water tributarymay showcase the shy and elusive river otter and the well camouflaged three-toed sloth. Amazon Dolphin Ecolodge accesses Pañacocha Lake and Pañayacu River. Here guests paddle through sections of forest ...
WATCH VIDEO: Johnstown police, detectives continue to investigate Kernville shootings; gun recovered
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Police found a small black handgun in the gravel lot when they arrived. A loaded magazine was a few feet away. "I didn't think it was real until I saw the clip," said the Johnstown man, who was passing by in a propane truck. "I got on the phone and called ...
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A few feet away, her husband Humberto Sanchez sits at the kitchen table. Above his head, dozens of small black insects crawl around a framed photo of Jesus. The roaches aren’t the only problem in their one-bedroom apartment on Rainier Avenue South.
Wildland Fire Pack, Small, Black
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Item ships from Zoro warehouses and will ship within 1 business day. Standard delivery time is 3-5 business days. You will be provided tracking via email as soon as your order ships. Orders that qualify for expedited shipping must be placed by 3pm CST to ...
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Oh by the way Beau was a beautiful small black, brown and white bull dog, and Kane was a beautiful white German shepherd. Our boys Beau and Kane, we miss them very much.
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After the paint had dried, I used a black sharpie to add some detail. Small black dots on the upper corner of the lemon… because black makes all things better. Want to see all the other things you can paint on a bag? Check it below. Receive my FREE ...
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At the door, I met Taylor’s service dog, Bailey. He’s a rescue, and Taylor’s best guess is that he’s part dachshund, part Lhasa Apso—in any case, he is small, black, and long, with lovely eyebrows. In “Beasts of Burden,” Taylor describes how ...
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Solider was tased after he attempted to walk into traffic despite repeated demands by police to not move. A small black pocket knife was found in his jeans. — Cole Roberts was arrested on Sunday for a DUI to the slightest degree on Milton Road.
Who Am I Wearing?
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I could forgive myself my failure to read the notice. When I had looked for an exit, the large green LED sign above the door had trumped the small black letters of the notice in vying for my attention. The next part of Todd’s account, however ...
Live updates: Free-speech, Antifa protests converge in Portland
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It's red and broke the skin, with a small black eye starting. Erika Hoel saw the punch and ran up to out her body in front of the girl. The man then started yelling at her. Then her boyfriend, Nate Gowdy, a freelance photographer who came down from Seattle ...
Look, I Just Really Love Vera Bradley
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I have a small black quilted shoulder bag perfect for happy hour after work. When I wear one now and people ask me where I got my purse — and someone always does, because they are very good purses — I am happy to share my source so they can participate ...
Tech Test: Preparing for the crash: Synology box keeps your data safe
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Synology sent me the DS416play, a small black box that holds up to four hard drives. There are Synology boxes in a variety of sizes, from small consumer-oriented boxes with one drive, up to rack-mounted systems that hold 16 drives with expansion chassis ...
Assault, taunting in Darlington being investigated as possible hate crime
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The other was wearing a white T-shirt. The suspects were driving a small black pickup truck with a long bed, according to the news release. The victim reported a large Confederate flag was mounted in the bed of the truck, which may have a dent in the front ...
Topeka police investigating carjacking in southeast Topeka early Saturday
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Aaron Jones said. Jones said that just after 5:30 a.m., two men armed with small black pistols approached another man in the 1900 block of S.E. Michigan, pistol-whipped the man and took a gold, 2003 Honda Accord with license plate 844 EGS. One suspect was ...
Mosaic Wall Cross, Small, Black with Iridescent Glass + Silver Mirror, Handmade Stained Glass Mosaic Cross Wall Decor, 6″ x 4″
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Each mosaic piece that I create is unique and made with individually hand cut pieces of stained glass. The stained glass pieces are carefully cut and put into place by me, one-by-one. Once completed, the entire piece is then grouted, cured for several days ...
Bizarre Black Holes Revealed by New Space-Time Ripples
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By the time the star dies, it’s lost a lot of its mass, and it ultimately crumples into a relatively small black hole. For decades, theory and observation suggested that stellar black holes couldn’t exceed roughly 10 solar masses, says Steinn ...
The recent 2017 Black hole merger (LIGO GW 170104) seems to Fill the gap.
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Could LIGO project also be the start to explain Gamma Ray Bursts of small black holes? The recent 2017 Black hole merger (GW 170104) seems to Fill the gap between the two former merger black holes, which raise the question what BH mass upper- and lower ...
Jericho chief reacts to speed trap criticism: ‘I’m tired of being a small black town and being picked on’
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JERICHO, Ark. -- Driving in to Jericho, a town with population 184, the speed limit drops from 55 to 45 miles per hour. People who live in Jericho said it's necessary. “It’s for safety because all the houses and things are on the road there," Elvis ...
Former ‘terrible racist’ sends anonymous donation to small black church in SC
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A predominantly black church in South Carolina with 25 members is claiming to have witnessed a miracle, after an anonymous donor sent the congregation badly needed money – along with a confession he was once a “terrible racist.” The Greenville News ...

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