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Stephan Douglas Jenkins (born September 27, 1964[1]) is an American musician best known as the lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist for Third Eye Blind. Under Jenkins's leadership, Third Eye Blind has sold over 12 million copies worldwide of five albums: Third Eye Blind (1997), Blue (1999), Out of the Vein (2003), Ursa Major (2009), and Dopamine (2015). Jenkins wrote or co-wrote all of the band's most notable hits, including "Semi-Charmed Life", "Jumper", "How's It Going to Be", "Losing a Whole Year", "Graduate", "Deep Inside of You", and "Never Let You Go".



Third Eye Blind
Rock Star
Rock Star is a 2001 American musical comedy-drama film directed by Stephen Herek and starring Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston.
Third Eye Blind
Third Eye Blind is the debut studio album by American rock band Third Eye Blind, released on April 8, 1997.
Harmonium is the second album by American pop singer-pianist Vanessa Carlton, released by A&M Records in the US on November 9, 2004.

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Third Eye Blind’s Stephan Jenkins on ‘living life with an exclamation point’
  –  June 16, 2017
The 2017 Halcyon Music Festival, for which 18 world-class musicians come together to live, work and perform for two weeks on the Seacoast, opens... Third Eye Blind’s Stephan Jenkins on ‘living life with an exclamation point’ Stephan Jenkins is aware ...
Third Eye Blind's Stephan Jenkins Has Joined the Resistance
  –  June 7, 2017
Stephan Jenkins has a connection to Miami that goes back two decades ... It's an odd and sudden digression, but it reflects some of Jenkins' louder interests outside of music. Last year, Third Eye Blind played a Republican benefit in Cleveland just ...
Third Eye Blind's Stephan Jenkins talks 20th anniversary tour and shrugging off the critics
  –  June 5, 2017
I own most of their music, multiple T-shirts ... "They were wrong," singer Stephan Jenkins said recently by phone from San Francisco, streetcars dinging in the background. "We didn't start getting critical acclaim, really, until our second record.
Here’s your chance to enjoy Third Eye Blind without having to deal with Stephan Jenkins
  –  May 9, 2017
We love Stephan Jenkins, despite his “reputation”, mostly because the ... The audience can tell that they are seeing the creators of the music when they come to our shows. The passion is real because that music comes from our DNA.”
Third Eye Blind’s Stephan Jenkins To Run For Office On Behalf Of WTF Democrats?
  –  July 5, 2017
Two big names in the tech world are teaming up to flip the Democratic Party on its head. Mark Pincus (co-founder of Zynga) and Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn) launched a new project called Win The Future (WTF for short), which they hope will become “a new ...
Third Eye Blind frontman courted for "WTF Democrats" political organisation
  –  July 5, 2017
Third Eye Blind frontman Stephan Jenkins has been making increasingly political statements via Twitter recently, which may reflect the tech titans' courtship of him (Pincus and Jenkins are reported by Stereogum as having met "in recent months.").
Zynga Co-Founder Wants To Make American Politics More Like FarmVille
  –  July 5, 2017
Dianne Feinstein with Stephan Jenkins. That’s right. Outside of tweets and billboards, Pincus’ vision for a new politics is to send the front man of Third Eye Blind to D.C. That’s not really surprising coming from the co-founder of Zynga though.
Tech billionaires launch campaign to rescue Democratic Party
  –  July 5, 2017
Taking a cue from the Republicans, WTF has turned its focus outside the political establishment. Stephan Jenkins, a musician from the band Third Eye Blind, is rumored to be among the top candidates to run with the group, according to Recode. WTF launched ...
Tech Billionaires Launch Political Group Called WTF to Change Democratic Party
  –  July 5, 2017
WTF is also seeking political outsiders to run for office as "WTF Democrats." Pincus has targeted Third Eye Blind band member Stephan Jenkins as a potential candidate. The two met recently, according to Recode. Third Eye Blind made headlines in July 2016 ...
Mark Pincus and Reid Hoffman launch ‘WTF’ platform to reshape the Democratic party
  –  July 5, 2017
According to Recode, one of those contenders could be Stephan Jenkins, front man of the rock band Third Blind Eye. Not surprisingly, there has already been some criticism of the duo’s ambitions. Tech billionaires pushing a pro-business agenda at a time ...
Third Eye Blind will play new, old tunes at Jacob’s Pavilion
  –  July 5, 2017
Tickets: $29.95 to $95. Info: Feeling like a summer god is nothing new to Third Eye Blind singer-songwriter Stephan Jenkins, who 20 years ago watched his band’s self-titled debut catapult the alternative-rock band into the spotlight.
Powerful Third Eye Blind focuses on the fans
  –  July 5, 2017
Third Eye Blind is in the midst of a "Summer Gods Tour" but lead singer Stephan Jenkins made it clear they were deviating from the usual set list for the night. Although this was appealing in theory, most fans were hoping for the front-to-back performance ...
Famous 90’s Rock Frontman Considering Run For Congress
  –  July 5, 2017
For Pincus, one of his early targets: Stephan Jenkins from Third Eye Blind. The two have met in recent months, in fact. Together, the Zynga and LinkedIn leaders have contributed $500,000 to their still-evolving project, they said, and they’re aided by ...
Progressives Skewer Silicon Valley Billionaires’ Newest Political Pet Project
  –  July 4, 2017
One of the “political outsiders” Pincus is trying to recruit is Stephan Jenkins, frontman for 1990s rock band Third Eye Blind. Wealthy centrists have already invested vast sums of money in technocratic schemes to reform government, with mixed success.
Gentlemen, Start Your Wanking!
  –  July 4, 2017
For Pincus, one of his early targets: Stephan Jenkins from Third Eye Blind. The two have met in recent months, in fact.
2 Silicon Valley billionaires want to reinvent the Democratic Party with a new project called 'WTF'
  –  July 4, 2017
Pincus specifically targeted Stephan Jenkins from the band Third Eye Blind, according to Recode. Those plans are on hold for now, though, as the group focuses on the launch of its billboard campaigns and on building a political platform. Progressive ...
Third Eye Blind is a timeless treasure (review)
  –  July 1, 2017
In celebration of this monumental record, the band played it front to back on Friday night. It was a promise frontman Stephan Jenkins had made to fans earlier this year, "for the first and last time." "There's a whole lot of you who have been following us ...
Third Eye Blind Celebrates a Fine Piece of '90s Nostalgia
  –  June 30, 2017
Others swear by the band’s newer material. Some simply can’t stand frontman Stephan Jenkins, labeling him an egomaniac who has essentially run off his fellow 3EB founders in claiming the band as his own. And some simply couldn’t give less of a damn ...
National Concert Day
  –  June 28, 2017
These artists included OneRepublic, Rob Thomas and Paul Doucette (Matchbox Twenty), Joan Jett, Adam Lambert (Queen + Adam Lambert), Phillip Phillips, Stephan Jenkins (Third Eye Blind), John Rzeznik (Goo Goo Dolls),Mike Einziger and Brandon Boyd (Incubus ...
Third Eye Blind brings 'Summer Gods' tour to Darien Lake
  –  June 27, 2017
Third Eye Blind will bring its "Summer Gods" tour to the Darien Lake PAC at 7 p.m. June 29. For this tour, which finds the Stephan Jenkins-led band marking the 20 th anniversary of its multi-million-selling 1997 self-titled album in full, in all of its ...
Third Eye Blind Made a Semi-Charming Interactive 90s Bedroom
  –  June 26, 2017
The website opens with a throwback to AOL Instant Messenger. Stephan Jenkins, is that you? "Now, 20 years later, we're bringing it back to you," the band writes. "This is for you." And whoops, I'm crying. The interactive bedroom on the site is a time-warp ...
Third Eye Blind Frontman on the 'Desperation' Behind Hit Debut
  –  June 26, 2017
Stephan Jenkins looks back on his years of obscurity and how he finally managed to "make a world according to his own desires" Third Eye Blind frontman Stephan Jenkins looks back on his pre-fame days of poverty, and how things finally clicked into place on ...
Hill Village Store closing: Villagers tease out a fond farewell to 'the best (and only) food in Hill'
  –  June 17, 2017
Stephan Jenkins is aware of how it sounds. The guy known for penning the 1997 hit “Semi-Charmed Life” about seedy sex and crystal meth...
Third Eye Blind reflects on 20th anniversary of debut album ahead of Baltimore show
  –  June 14, 2017
In the mid-’90s, Stephan Jenkins slept on packing foam. He lacked a bank account, a driver’s license and a steady band to backup his rock ‘n’ roll aspirations. A diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome at 27 consistently zapped his energy.
Stephan Jenkins Never Expected Third Eye Blind’s ‘Semi-Charmed Life’ to be a Hit
  –  June 9, 2017
Live from the StubHub Studio, & checking in on the Big Show star phone today is a guy who’s sold over 12 million records with his band Third Eye Blind! Stephan Jenkins joins the program this morning to chat with us about the band’s 20th-anniversary re ...
Stephan Jenkins Never Expected Third Eye Blind’s ‘Semi-Charmed Life’ to be a Hit
  –  June 9, 2017
Stephan also admitted that the band had plans for a new release this year but that’s kind of tough when you haven’t recorded it yet. “This summer we were supposed to put out a new album, called Summer Gods, so that’s the name of the tour — we ...
Stephan Jenkins on ‘Third Eye Blind’ 20 Years Later
  –  April 7, 2017
One of the great ironies of feeling out of place while growing up in America is that much of the countercultural lifestyle you adopt as a kid—the fashion, the taste in music, the rebelliousness—comes your way through corporate channels of saturation.


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