Paul Van Haver (born 12 March 1985), better known by his stage name Stromae [stʁɔmaj], is a Belgian musician, singer, rapper and songwriter. Stromae was born to a Rwandan father, Pierre Rutare, and a Belgian mother, Miranda Marie Van Haver. He is originally from Laeken, in Brussels.[1] He established himself in both the hip hop and electronic music genres. Stromae came to wide public attention in 2009 with his song "Alors on danse", which became a number one in several European countries. In 2013, his second album Racine Carrée was a commercial success, selling 2 million copies in France[citation needed] alone and nearly 600,000 units elsewhere.[citation needed]



Alors on danse
"Alors on danse" (So We Dance) is a song by Belgian musician Stromae.
Racine Carrée
Racine carrée (French for "square root", stylised √) is the second studio album by Belgian musician Stromae.
"Formidable" is a song by Belgian singer Stromae.
Stromae discography
This is the discography of singer and songwriter of Belgian-Rwandan origin, Stromae.

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