Swearin' is a Philadelphia-based musical group made up of singer/guitarist Allison Crutchfield, singer/guitarist Kyle Gilbride, bassist Keith Spencer and drummer Jeff Bolt.[1] They released two albums and an EP.[2] The band split in 2015 and Crutchfield embarked on a solo career. In November 2017, Swearin' announced that they had reunited and would go on tour in support of Superchunk in 2018.



Tourist in This Town
Tourist in This Town is the debut solo album by Allison Crutchfield, a former member and co-founder of the bands P.S. Eliot and Swearin'.
Surfing Strange
Surfing Strange is the second and final full-length album by Swearin'.
Swearin' is the debut album by the band of the same name, originally released in June 2012 on vinyl, and re-released four months later on compact disc.
Dust in the Gold Sack
Dust in the Gold Sack is a song by musical group Swearin', released on September 27, 2013.

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