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The Buggles were an English new wave band formed in London in 1977 by singer and bassist Trevor Horn and keyboardist Geoffrey Downes. They are best known for their 1979 debut single "Video Killed the Radio Star" that topped the charts in 16 countries.

Formed in London, the duo released their first album, The Age of Plastic, in January 1980 with "Video Killed the Radio Star" as its lead single. Its music video was the first shown on MTV in the US in August 1981. Soon after the album's release, Horn and Downes joined the progressive rock band Yes, recording and releasing Drama in the process. Following a tour to promote the album, Yes disbanded in 1980. The following year, the Buggles released a second album, Adventures in Modern Recording. Its lack of commercial success led to the break up of the group.

Since 1998, Horn and Downes have occasionally performed the Buggles' songs.



The Age of Plastic
The Age of Plastic is the debut studio album by the British new wave duo The Buggles, composed of Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes.
Adventures in Modern Recording
Adventures in Modern Recording is the second and final studio album by British synthpop duo The Buggles, released in 1981 on Carrere Records.
"Elstree" is a synthpop song by The Buggles from their debut album, The Age of Plastic.
Living in the Plastic Age
"Living in the Plastic Age" (on some releases simply listed as "The Plastic Age") is a synthpop song written, performed and produced by The Buggles.

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