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The Griswolds are a four-piece indie rock band from Sydney, Australia. The band have cited influences such as Vampire Weekend, MGMT, Kanye West, Devendra Banhart, Of Montreal, and The Beach Boys.[1] The Griswolds signed with Wind-up Records in May 2013 and began recording their debut album shortly after with producer Tony Hoffer. They are named after the fictional family from the Vacation film series.[2]



High Times For Low Lives
High Times For Low Lives is an album by musical group The Griswolds, released on November 11, 2016.
YDLM is a song by musical group The Griswolds, released on October 28, 2016.
High Times For Low Lives
High Times For Low Lives is a song by musical group The Griswolds, released on October 14, 2016.
Out Of My Head
Out Of My Head is a song by musical group The Griswolds, released on August 12, 2016.

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The Griswolds' Kanye West connection  –  November 16, 2016
Sydney band The Griswolds worked with music royalty on the follow up to their debut album Be Impressive. They lived up to the title of the record, managing what so many Aussie bands have tried to do and charted in the US, a place they've also toured ...
Album review: The Griswolds, ‘High Times For Low Lives’
CU Independent  –  November 15, 2016
I don’t remember the last time I was so conflicted in how I felt about an album. High Times for Low Lives, the new record from Australian indie rock/pop group The Griswolds, takes the band’s slightly pop’identity and runs wild with it. These songs ...
The Griswolds take chances with pop on sophomore LP  –  November 15, 2016
WHAT’S DIFFERENT: After accumulating quite a bit of success at home in Australia, the Griswolds are just as charming as the famous movie family they’re named off of on their second full-length High Times For Low Lives. The quartet have pushed the pop ...
The Griswolds Are Proof You Can’t Judge a Book By Its Cover  –  November 15, 2016
Ok, so hold on. You probably are lookin’ at these dudes and think they are some run-of-the-mill white-dude alternative rock band… but let me tell you, this is one of those moments where we have to be reminded to not judge a book by it’s cover.
The Griswolds' 'High Times for Low Lives:' A Stream of Unpredictable Sounds
Baeble Music  –  November 9, 2016
RATING: 4/5 Australian four-piece indie rock band, The Griswolds, have returned a year later with an album that could be one of the most diverse albums of 2016. Drawing their sound from multiple genres including 80s, R&B, electronic, rock, and pop, High ...
The Griswolds reflect on the realities of ‘life as a party’ ahead of new album release
The Telegraph  –  November 9, 2016
‘HIGH Times for Low Lives’ isn’t just the title of the Griswolds new album – it’s literally the soundtrack to the past two years of their lives. The Sydney-based band, back in town to headline the Newtown Festival after a tour in the US, learnt ...
Aussie born, The Griswolds emerged onto the scene with their debut LP, Be Impressive, in 2014 on Wind-Up Records, an American division label of Sony and Universal Music. Produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Andrew Dawson, (Kanye West, Sleigh Bells, fun.
The Griswolds – ‘High Times For Low Lives’  –  October 19, 2016
Sydney crew The Griswolds have just shared the title-track off their forthcoming album ‘High Times For Low Lives’, and if this isn’t enough to get you keen-as for this album then it’s pretty safe to say you know nothing about great music ...
The Griswolds perform 'Out of My Head' on TODAY  –  September 20, 2016
Alternative rock band The Griswolds are getting ready to release their sophomore album, “High Times for Low Lives.” They reveal they named themselves after the family in the “National Lampoon’s Vacation” film franchise and perform their single ...

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