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The Promise Ring is an American emo band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They gained an underground cult following and are widely regarded[who?] as one of the pioneers of second wave emo. Formed in 1995, they first split up in 2002 and have reunited occasionally since 2005. The band has released four full-length studio albums, plus various EPs and singles.



Nothing Feels Good
Nothing Feels Good is the second album by the emo band The Promise Ring.
Wood/Water is the final album by emo band The Promise Ring, as well as their ANTI debut.
Very Emergency
Very Emergency is the third album by the emo band The Promise Ring.
Electric Pink
Electric Pink was the final Jade Tree Records recording for The Promise Ring, released in early 2000 featuring four new tracks. "Strictly Television" was recorded during the Very Emergency sessions, and sounds more like the band's older sound, while the other three sounds continued the progression in sound the band was making. "American Girl" is the acoustic version of the song, which originally appeared on the Boys + Girls EP.

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