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The Raconteurs



The Raconteurs /ˌrækɒnˈtɜːrz/, also known as The Saboteurs in Australia, are an American rock group that was formed in Detroit, Michigan, featuring four musicians associated with earlier musical projects: Jack White (formerly of The White Stripes, currently The Dead Weather, as well as solo), Brendan Benson (solo), Jack Lawrence (of The Greenhornes, Blanche and The Dead Weather), and Patrick Keeler (also of The Greenhornes).



Consolers of the Lonely
Consolers of the Lonely is the second album by American rock band The Raconteurs.
Salute Your Solution
"Salute Your Solution" is a song by The Raconteurs.
Steady, As She Goes
"Steady, As She Goes" is the debut single by the rock band The Raconteurs from their first album Broken Boy Soldiers.
Broken Boy Soldiers
Broken Boy Soldiers is the debut album by American rock band The Raconteurs, released on May 15, 2006 in the United Kingdom and May 16, 2006 in the United States.

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