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Tim Hecker is an electronic musician and sound artist based in Los Angeles, United States and Montreal, Canada. Hecker initially recorded under the moniker Jetone, but has become known internationally for recordings released under his own name, such as Harmony in Ultraviolet (2006) and Ravedeath, 1972 (2011).[1][2] He has released eight albums and a number of EPs in addition to collaborations with artists such as Ben Frost, Daniel Lopatin, and Aidan Baker.[3] His latest album Love Streams was released on his new label 4AD on 8 April 2016.[4]



Instrumental Tourist
Instrumental Tourist is a collaborative studio album by Canadian musician Tim Hecker and American musician Daniel Lopatin (who records as Oneohtrix Point Never).
An Imaginary Country
An Imaginary Country is the fifth studio album by Canadian electronic music musician Tim Hecker, released on March 10, 2009 by Kranky.
Harmony in Ultraviolet
Harmony in Ultraviolet is the fourth studio album by Canadian electronic music musician Tim Hecker, released on October 16, 2006 on Kranky.

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Day for Night exit survey: Houston love and midnight dance moves
  –  December 18, 2017
Midnight is certainly late for me as a middle-aged dude. And I sat out Tim Hecker - a guy I like a lot - to rest up for Yorke. So as a representative of the old-dude demographic, I'd have preferred an earlier set. Morast: Something you mentioned earlier ...
Ride the Feedback: A Brief History of Guitar Distortion
  –  December 18, 2017
We need to feel it rattling our bones. Expanding upon the violent legacy of noise antagonists like Whitehouse, SPK, and Merzbow, contemporary electronic composer Tim Hecker describes his writing process in an interviewwith Resident Advisor as "very brutal ...
Day for Night Saturday review (NIN, Cardi B, Lil B, Princess Nokia, more)
  –  December 17, 2017
This year’s fest featured Nine Inch Nails in the top slot, but also extended invitations to Solange, St. Vincent, Justice, Tim Hecker and many more. And while major cancellations from revered names like Andy Stott and GAS put a damper on the weekend ...
Nine Inch Nails, Thom Yorke, Solange to headline 2017 Day for Night line-up
  –  December 15, 2017
Tim Hecker, Shabazz Palaces, Andy Stott, Jessy Lanza, Jlin, Priests, Bjarki, Roni Size, Demdike Stare, Saro, Rabit x House of Kenzo, B L A C K I E, Marcus Marr, Hoodcelebrityy, Faten Kanaan, True American, Pearl Crush, Deep Cuts, Tyler Barber, N N O A ...
Manchester's White Hotel is the city's experimental centre
  –  December 13, 2017
Electronic minimalist Tim Hecker arrives on stage preceded by several minutes of total darkness. Taking place only hours after the Las Vegas shootings, his unrelenting performance, devoid of rhythm or melody, matches the sombre mood of the day. The crowd ...
VA Allows Potential PTSD Treatment, Praised By American Legion
  –  December 6, 2017
One of those, Ret. Army Sgt. Tim Hecker, shared that, "By the fourth treatment, I started feeling like a new person. I was more aware. I could see things. The deeper I got into the treatments, my cognition started to come back - my motor skills and my balance.
MUTEK.MX: How Mexico City fought against the odds to stage one of 2017’s best festivals
  –  December 5, 2017
But a few minutes into Tim Hecker’s set, I started to lose focus. I’ve seen Hecker play before and on this occasion, the setting may have undermined the performance – it sounded at times indistinct and lacked his usual power. The Orb followed and ...


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