Toadies are an American rock band from Fort Worth, Texas, best known for the song "Possum Kingdom." The band's classic lineup consisted of Vaden Todd Lewis on vocals/guitar, Mark Reznicek on drums, Lisa Umbarger on bass, and Darrel Herbert on guitar. It formed in 1989 and disbanded in 2001 after Umbarger left the group. The band reformed and released an album, No Deliverance in 2008. In 2010, they re-released the album Feeler with Kirtland Records (the album's original release had been denied by Interscope in 1997). The band's most recent album, The Lower Side of Uptown, was released in September 2017.



The Lower Side of Uptown
The Lower Side of Uptown is the seventh studio album by the alternative rock band Toadies.
Velvet is a cassette EP by the Toadies.
Rubberneck is the most successful album by American rock band Toadies.
Feeler was supposed to have been the Toadies's follow-up album to the critically acclaimed debut Rubberneck; however, its release was denied by Interscope Records.

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