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Uriah Heep are an English rock band formed in London in 1969. Twelve of the band's albums have made it to the UK Albums Chart (Return to Fantasy reached No. 7 in 1975)[1] while of the fifteen Billboard 200 Uriah Heep albums Demons and Wizards was the most successful (#23, 1972).[2] In the late 1970s the band had massive success in Germany, where the "Lady in Black" single was a big hit.[3][4] Along with Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, Uriah Heep had become one of the top rock bands in the early 1970s.[5]

Uriah Heep's audience declined by the 1980s, to the point where they became essentially a cult band in the United Kingdom and United States. The band maintains a significant following and performs at arena-sized venues in the Balkans, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia and Scandinavia. They have sold over 40 million albums worldwide with over 4 million sales in the U.S.[6]



Salisbury is the second album by British rock band Uriah Heep, released in December 1970.
Lady in Black
"Lady in Black" is a song by the rock band Uriah Heep.
The Magician's Birthday
The Magician's Birthday is the fifth album by British rock band Uriah Heep, released in 1972 by Bronze Records in the UK and Mercury Records in the US. The concept was "based loosely on a short story" written by Ken Hensley in June and July 1972.
July Morning
"July Morning" is a song by Uriah Heep.

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