Wizzard were an English glam rock band formed by Roy Wood, former member of The Move and co-founder of the Electric Light Orchestra. The Guinness Book of 500 Number One Hits states, "Wizzard was Roy Wood just as much as Wings were Paul McCartney."[1]



I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday
"I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday" is a Christmas song by British glam rock band Wizzard.
Wizzard Brew
Wizzard Brew is the debut album by glam rock group Wizzard, released in 1973.
Introducing Eddy and the Falcons
Introducing Eddy and the Falcons is the second album by the English glam rock band Wizzard.
Main Street
Main Street, credited to Roy Wood & Wizzard (whereas the group's first two albums had been credited simply to Wizzard), was initially planned to showcase the more jazz-rock, deliberately uncommercial, side of the group as part of a double album, along with the material that became the album Introducing Eddy & The Falcons in 1974.

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