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Xavier Kurt Naidoo (born October 2, 1971), also known by his stage name Kobra, is a German Soul and R&B singer/songwriter, record producer, and occasional actor. He is a founding member of the German band Söhne Mannheims, and started two record labels, Beats Around the Bush and Naidoo Records. Naidoo also has a successful solo career. His debut album Nicht von dieser Welt (1998) has sold over 1 million records, and all his next six albums Zwischenspiel – Alles für den Herrn (2002), Telegramm für X (2005), Alles kann besser werden (2009), Danke für's Zuhören (2012), Bei meiner Seele (2013) und Nicht von dieser Welt 2 (2016) reached number 1 on the German album charts. Most of his songs are in German, however, he has also released a couple of english songs.



Für Dich
Für Dich. (German: For You.) is the seventh studio album by German recording artist Xavier Naidoo, released by Naidoo Records on 24 November 2017 in German-speaking Europe. Upon its release, it debuted at number three on the German Albums Chart.
Nimm mich mit
Nimm mich mit is a song by musical artist Xavier Naidoo, released on October 20, 2017.
Söhne Mannheims
Sehnsucht (UK: Desire) is the fifth studio album by the electronic project Schiller undertaken by German musician, composer and producer Christopher Von Deylen.

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