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Years & Years are a British synthpop band, founded in London, United Kingdom. The band consists of Olly Alexander, Mikey Goldsworthy and Emre Türkmen.[1] Years & Years' music has been described as electropop, mixing R&B and 1990s house elements. The band's debut studio album, Communion, debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart in July 2015 and was the fastest-selling debut album of the year from a UK signed band.

Their biggest hit single "King" reached number one in the UK Singles Chart in March 2015, and peaked within the top ten of the charts in Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the Republic of Ireland and Switzerland.



Sanctify is a song by musical group Years & Years, released on March 7, 2018.
"King" is a song by British synthpop trio Years & Years from their debut studio album Communion.
Communion is the debut studio album by English synthpop band Years & Years.
"Desire" is a song by English synthpop band Years & Years from their debut studio album, Communion (2015).

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