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Zion & Lennox are a reggaeton music duo from Carolina, Puerto Rico. In 2010, Zion & Lennox released their third studio album titled Los Verdaderos under Pina Records. After a financial dispute with Ralphy Pina, Zion & Lennox left Pina Records and started their own label, Baby Records Inc. The duo is made up of Félix Ortiz (Zion) and Gabriel Pizarro (Lennox).



The Perfect Melody
The Perfect Melody is an album by Puerto Rican singer Zion.
Motivando a la Yal
Motivando A La Yal is the debut album from reggaeton duo Zion & Lennox.
Motivando A La Yal: Special Edition
Motivando a la Yal: Special Edition is a re-edition from Zion & Lennox debut album Motivando a la Yal.
Los Verdaderos
Los Verdaderos is the second studio album, and third overall from, Puerto Rican reggaeton duo Zion & Lennox.

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